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Meddelanden - TheRealEdDK

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Var kan jag hitta den andra kvalgruppen och resten av slutspelet tro?

INK has never been good at changing his Matchplay tournaments to the right date, so you have to scroll a little bit. ;)

And as usual everything got delayed, so the last two rounds of finals will be played sometime today or tomorrow, as we finished the quarterfinals at 1:00. :P

Tävlingar / SV: LPA Super-Pin 2023, 13-15 oktober - IFPA Certified x 2
« skrivet: augusti 09, 2023, 10:12:18 »
Emil ED Dreiborg #42532

Tävlingar / SV: Borås Pinball Open 2023 (22-24:e september)
« skrivet: juni 15, 2023, 20:52:15 »
Emil ED Dreiborg #42532

Tävlingar / SV: Borås Pinball Open 2023 (22-24:e september)
« skrivet: juni 15, 2023, 14:22:26 »

Semi final for top 8 with four-player matches (multi matchplay) on three machines with 7/5/3/1 scoring.

Remember that "multi match play" won't give you 2x TGP anymore. ;)

Tävlingar / SV: LPA Open 2023, 21-23 april
« skrivet: april 25, 2023, 16:50:00 »
I had no issue with the food break being after 4 rounds. I actually think it was a pretty decent time to eat.
But I had also made sure to have a bit of snacks with me.

And I didn't see the issue of having a Classic machine in the PinGolf finals, as they were also part of the qualifying.
But of course, I might also have had better "luck" with the Classics in my rounds of PinGolf playoff.

On feedback I would suggest is maybe a bit more notes on the games about settings. For example Hard Locks on Road Show or reduced multiball Ball Save on Mando.

Other than that I think it was yet another great weekend. But maybe rethink the format for the warm-up on Friday as the finals ended really late. Or maybe we should have just booked a hotel in Lund or skipped Friday altogether, even though that's where we got most of our PinGolf games done.

Tävlingar / SV: LPA Open 2023, 21-23 april
« skrivet: mars 23, 2023, 19:39:41 »
Emil ED Dreiborg #42532

Emil ED Dreiborg #42532

Tävlingar / SV: Swedish Championship Series 2022 Final - LPA 27-29/1 2023
« skrivet: januari 29, 2023, 19:01:59 »
Congrats to all and thank you for a great weekend!

Emil ED Dreiborg #42532

Tävlingar / SV: West Coast pinball månadstävling oktober/ EPC Consolation
« skrivet: oktober 23, 2022, 10:59:07 »
Mike Christiansen + Ian Thomas Hawkesworth is coming

Tävlingar / SV: Borås Pinball Open 2022 (23-25:e september)
« skrivet: augusti 30, 2022, 11:29:34 »
#42532 Emil ED Dreiborg

We have 5 available spots for anyone able to join us this weekend on short notice!
Send an email to to get a spot.

Hello everyone!
We're are looking forward to welcome you all next weekend and working hard to get everything ready!

If you for some reason are unable to attend, we would really appreciate if you send an email to, as we have a few hopeful players waiting for a spot.


Tävlingar / Friday Night Live at The Pinlab +One more... 29/07/22
« skrivet: juli 25, 2022, 18:53:41 »
Here is the perfect opportunity to try out the machines before Danish Pinball Open in just a few weeks!

Text taken directly from IFPA calendar:

"Format for Friday Night Live at The Pinlab - Whopper Edition

Doors open 18:30
Tournament start 19:00

Tournament is endorsed by IFPA, results are submitted and World Ranking points will be awarded.

Qualification will be played single matches or double matches 1 on 1. We will divide players into more than one group as long as the format still awards full TGP. Players ranked in top 1000 in IFPAs World Rankings will be seeded and divided into the groups.

The finals will determined by playing quarter, semi and final. We will be playing group games of 2-4 games pr. round, dependent on the number of players in the tournament.

All ties from qualification through to the finals will be played best of one game on a machine chosen in advance by the TD.

According to the rules the tournament will award points based on number of players and the format. So there is no telling exactly how many points a win will award. But we will always aim at playing a format that awards full TGP.

Chocolate and TAG on the wall for eternal fame for the winners - no trophies or cash prizes.
Entry fee 150 DKK

Be aware:
Format and rules may change at any time due to time restraints, technical difficulties, mood of TD etc.

All further questions write on this forum page for the event or text TD Mads on this number: +45 202 56789.

Format Details:
Event Name: Main Tournament
Qualifying Format: Matchplay Qualifying
Finals Format: Match Play
Player Limit: 48
Games Played for TGP: 26
Unlimited Qualifying?: No
Qualifying Hours for TGP: 0"

"Pinlab - One more for the road !

Didn't move on in the main tournament ?

No worries, Pinlab serves One more for the road in a 3-strikes knockout, head to head tournament.

Format Details:
Event Name: Main Tournament
Qualifying Format: None
Finals Format: 3 Strike Knockout
Player Limit: 48
Games Played for TGP: 10
Unlimited Qualifying?: No
Qualifying Hours for TGP: 0"

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