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STTNG Problem


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När jag startar spelet så skjuts bollarna iväg hela tiden, bollarna går bara runt så att säga.. Har precis fått hem spelet så jag har inte ens spelat det..:-(


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Alternativt så fungerar inte droptargeten ordentligt (sitter uppe vid bumprarna).


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Kolla optos i tråget. Hade ett liknande fel när inte en switch reggade.
Play a real game, play pinball


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Haft detta problem, rengjorde alla optos i spelet.
Tidigare artikel om liknande fel

Detta är ifrån pinrepair sidan:

Problem: My STNG (Star Trek Next Generation) has random multiball problems, and I have done all the ball trough upgrades, as described earlier in this document.

Answer: This was a combination of problems including dirty optos below the playfield in the diverter tunnels, and a not properly working drop target below the borg ship. Even if the optos are cleaned and appear to be working normally in the switch test, an opto transmitter or receiver may be staerting to go bad and cause intermittent problems. This is especially common in STNG and diagnosing it can be a headache. On a STNG (user reported), every time the game initialized with six balls in the trougn, it would load the first ball into the right gun, then immediately kick it out, but then then next 3 balls loaded normally one into each popper. Then during game play, an extra ball would randomly be kicked out from the upper left popper. All of the optos tested normally in the T.1 switch test and the connectors and were all well seated. Finally diagnosed this by leaving the game on for a while in the switch test mode T.1 and eventually the bad opto showed up in the test (in this case it was #33, the right gun #2 opto), showing as the last switch activated. During game play, the opto occasionally must have blanked out and the game sensed an extra ball at that gun and kicked a ball out. Replacing the bad opto pair solved the problem.

Problem: On STNG (Star Trek Next Generation), when I turn the game on, it constantly tries to load balls in the under ball runways.
It starts with all 6 balls in the ball through. Now it starts the initialization and shoots one ball via the catapult into the left side tunnels below the playfield. It ends in the upper tunnel, then it kicks out a second ball via the catapult which is again going into the upper tunnel. Now the strange thing happens. It ejects one of the balls from the upper tunnel and lets it drain. As soon as the ball drains, a new ball gets kicked out via the catapult (and going into the upper tunnel again). This is an endless loop as the ball drain and re-catapulting steps are repeated. Why?

Answer: the game is trying to load the two guns endlessly (the machine loads a ball under each gun at initialization). It should put one ball in the upper tunnel and one ball under the left gun, and one under the right gun. Then three balls should stay in the trough. Be aware if fuse 103 on the Power Driver Board is blown (3A slow blow), the game will not start and will constantly throw out balls. Fuse 103 powers the solenoid which controls the upper diverter on the under-the-playfield diverter. Without a working diverter, the game can't load the balls where it wants, and the game will attempt to load and reload balls continually.

As a test, try this: go into the feature adjustments and set both guns to "Broken=Yes". This will disable the guns. If the machine then starts up OK, you have a problem with a gun assembly optos, or the under-playfield diverters. Enable each gun individually to see which one causes the failure. Also a dirty/broken opto in the upper tunnel can cause this problem.
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