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European Classic Pinball Championships 2019 – December 13-15th

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ECPC 2019 will happen on the weekend of December 13th-15th, in Boras, Sweden at Pinballseye.

Cost is 520 SEK (about €52) for the entire weekend.

Address: Pinballseye. Bryggaregatan 20, Borås, Sweden.

The location has around 80 pinball machines set up. The location is in central Boras within walking distance of many hotels and restaurants, as well as the Boras train and bus station. Boras is close to the GOT/Landvetter airport as well as the city of Gothenburg. From Landvetter, there are buses, cabs, or rental cars. offers cheap bus transfer from the airport to Boras in about 30 minutes. From Gothenburg there are regular trains and local buses.

Friday at 19:00
It starts with a 2.5h Frenzy with top 16 through to four-player semi and final. This is the Stern Army monthly tournament for this location, so there are Stern Army dogtags up for grabs for the top two, as well as some Stern swag like translites.
Registration for the Frenzy is at the venue before 1845 (cost included).

Players will be assigned two of three shifts on Saturday. One each for the main tournament and for the modern side tournament. Players will be seeded into 13- or 14-player groups where everyone plays everyone once in a round-robin format. The same group and the same format will then be repeated during the next assigned shift, but with a switch in eras. Modern playoff rounds will start Saturday evening.

Remaining modern round and the classics playoffs will be played.
There will also be a progressive strikes consolation tournament for those not still in Main or Modern divisions on Sunday.

Playoffs Classic / Modern
Second round. Six players per group will advance to the next round (group A will merge with group H, group B with group G etc so total 12 players per new group) where everyone plays everyone once in a round-robin format. The best four players per group will advance to matchplay, best out of five all the way to the final.

All EMs and most solid-state machines will be set to five balls.
For the modern tournament, there is a full selection of basically all modern Sterns including BKSOR Pro, JP Pro. Most of the big 90s machines are also represented, as well as some big late 80s machines, JJP machines, Alien, TNA, etc.
Other than some sideshow tournaments, such as killswitch or set-the-high-score, all machines on free play.

Registration for ECPC now open here: (English)
To register, they require a Billetto account, a Facebook account, or a Google account. If those options are not possible, contact the organizers at the email below.

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Preliminary Time Schedule

18-24   Check In for the ECPC
18:45   Check In for Pinball Frenzy

09:30      Check In for the ECPC & Warming up!
10-13    Qualification A-B-C-D Classic / E-F-G-H Modern
13-14    Lunch
14-17    Qualification E-F-G-H Classic / A-B-C-D Modern
18-21    Second Round Side
21-23    Third & fourth Round Side
23-24    Semi-Final Side

9-17    Consolation Tournament
9-12    Second Round Classic
12-13    Third Round Classic
13-14    Fourth Round Classic
15-17    Finals
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Black Jack
Joker Poker
Aladdin's Castle
Target Alpha
(Space Mission)

Dragon (EM)
Eight Ball
Far Out
Lost World

Jungle Queen
Roller Disco
Star Pool
Star Trek
Strikes and Spares
(Captain Fantastic)

Air Aces
Fast Draw
Firepower II (3 balls)
Hot Tip (EM)
Space Invaders
(Jack in the Box/Wizard!)

No Good Gophers
Elvira and the Party Monsters
Star Trek Pro
Cirqus Voltaire
Terminator 3
The Shadow
(NBA Fastbreak)

Batman the Dark Knight
Attack from Mars
Party Zone
Total Nuclear Annihilation
Bram Stoker’s Dracula
Monster Bash
(Theatre of Magic)

Transformers Pro
The Getaway: High Speed II
Fish Tales
Scared Stiff
White Water
Indianapolis 500
(Medieval Madness)

Road Show
Creature from the Black Lagoon
Junk Yard
Tales of the Arabian Nights
No Fear
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A (Plays bank 1C+1M)
Jörgen Holm
Niclas Eklund
Jani Saari
Mattias Jeppsson
Johnny Mårtensson
Tony Möllerström
Axel Ludvigsson
Rune Andersson
Thomas Jakobsen
Niklas Jansson
John Sagerholm
Micael Magnusson
Jarkko Tikkanen
Fredrik Nilsson

B (Plays bank 2C+2M)
Mats Runsten
Mirko Lundén
Christian Holmsten / Fredrik Persson
Mats Grehn
Fredrik Mellberg
Olav Hjelmstadstuen
Fredrik Löwgren
Mikael Telerud
Joacim Rönnbom
Thomas Näslund
Peter Stridh
Julian Falhof
Mikael Stockhaus
Pascal Sjöblom

C (Plays bank 3C+3M)
Marcus Hugosson
Andreas Frid
David Mainwaring
Marco Suvanto
Karyn Kiser
Claes Wikner
Perttu Pesä
Tony Englund
Tomi Virtanen
Tim Klaesson
Roger Karlsson
Christer Swedberg
Håkan Carlsson
Marcel Sjöblom

D (Plays bank 4C+4M)
Emil Dreiborg
Henrik Johansson
Anders Carlsson
Mika Marttinen
Henrik Hjalmarsson
Christer Holm
Kim Green
Oscar Gorajewski
Aron Singh
Therese Lundgren
Dan Söderholm
Mikael Brorsson
Marcus Byström
Johan Eyssen

E (Plays bank 1C+1M)
Olli-Mikko Ojamies
Markus Virtanen
Mats Barkestam
Viggo Löwgren
Mattias Borgström
Juha Viitanen
Lars Ovinder
Urban Berg
Joakim Sjöblom
Per Barkestam
Tommy Andersson
Frederic Alonzo
Christer Wolf
Henrik Friden

F (Plays bank 2C+2M)
Jonas Valström
Mats Sahlberg
Mikael Juusola
Jonas Johansson
Andreas Nirvén
Andreas Stenberg
Robert Lau
Janus Falhof
Denise Klaesson
Olle Strandh
Sasha Lyck
Therese Persson
Stefan Olsson
Erik Persson

G (Plays bank 3C+3M)
Thomas Mästerman
Rich Mallett
Arvid Flygare
Peter Berntsson
Mikael Lindström
Stefan Cederlöf
Johan Flygare
Andreas Borgström
Roger Hansson
Johan Karlsson
Luukas Marttinen
Lasse Nilsson
Per Gunnarsson
Sebastian Johansson

H (Plays bank 4C+4M)
David Dahl-Hansson
Jan Anders Nilsson
Peter Franck
Daniel Bengtsson
Thomas Stenbäck
Mats Holmqvist
Krister Skoglund
Christian Fredriksson
Magnus Rostö
Peter Karlsson ELL
Martin Christiansen
Henrik Juliusson
Henrik Persson
Andreas Östemar
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Det var bästa sajten att tillgå för tillfället, men jag kommer att maila alla jag inte hittar nummer till samt alla som beställt tröja. :-)


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Mats Holmqvist (MUH) #1869
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Storlek S

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Kommer på frenzy!


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Riktigt snygg tröja! Som blev ännu snyggare nu när den är snodd och modifierad, ger den en spännande framtid. Been there done that  ;)

edit: tar gärna en affisch till lokalen som reklam.
Matchstick Pinball


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Fredrik Mellberg (AKO)
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Köper gärna en affisch jag med om möjligheten finns?


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Jeg DIGGER at dere kjører round robin i main (som dere gjorde i EPC), og skjønner ikke at ingen andre gjør dette, det er helt dust å ha best game i en slik stor turnering hvor fokuset bør være hvor bra man spiller *mot andre*, ikke mot maskinen.

My 2 cents :) Good stuff.