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2017 EPC Satellite Tournamet on the 19th of Octobr - MS Memorial


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Here is the invitation to the 2017 EPC Satellite Tournament, which will be held in Mölndal just outside Gothenburg.

The tournament  is called MS Memorial after the distinguished Swedish pinball profile Markus Salo, who so sadly passed away earlier this year. During the years he helped us a lot - not only with repairing our games but also with our organization and much more. This is our tribute to him!

Rules: The players will be devided into two groups consisting of at most 24 players in each group (so the total amounts to 48 players). Each group will be playing at eight pinball machines (two electro mechanical games, two Bally SS from around 1980, two Williams WPC/System 11 and two DMD games). Each player gets two attempts on each machine and both attempts count. Each player also gets one joker, which he/she can use on any machine as he/she wants. The joker can only improve an earlier score (never worsen!).

The following games are intended to be used:

EM: Aztec, Dealer´s Choice, Fast Draw, Out of Sight  Wizard

Bally Classic: Black Jack, Dolly Parton, Harlem Globetrotters, Power Play & Strikes & Spares

Williams WPC/System 11: Bride of Pinbot, Comet, Dr Dude, Elvira & The Partymonsters & Space Shuttle

DMD: Dirty Harry Indy 500, No Fear, Shadow & White Water

On the EM machines and the Bally Classic machines five balls are played. On the other machines three balls are played.

On the following EM games it´s possible to get extra balls (and the extra balls are supposed to be played): Aztec, Dealer´s Choice and Wizard

The qualification will be played between 4pm - 9pm and the playoffs will start at 9pm. It´s drop-in qulification, so come early to ensure that you have played all your scores when the playoffs start at 9pm!

Score cards are handed in when all your scores are played (but not later than 9pm)

Scoring: Linear, where the average player on each machine gets 50 points.

Playoffs: 16 players advance to playoffs (eight players from each group). Head-2-head matches in best of 3 randomly selected machines. The higher seeded player decides the starting order.

Sign up: In this thread or via mail (address: see below). When you sign up, we need youur name, tag and IFPA #.

Fee: 200 SEK, cash on location

Ranking: 100 % TGP

Location: Möbelgatan 1 in Mölndal, Sweden. Entrance from the back yard. Big (and free!) parking lot just outside the door. The closest bus stop is also called Möbelgatan but has limited service. "Mölndals Bro" has many more lines and we can probably arrange some kind of pickup service.

Phone: +46 704 97 31 91 (Mats Holmquist)


I hope that´s everything. Otherwise questions can be asked in this thread or via email

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The following players are going to participate in the tournament:

Mats Holmquist (MUH) #1869
Linus Persson (LOP) #734
Peter Berntsson (P B) #24057
Alvar Palm (APA) #731
Hans Andersson (BUD) #877
Claes Wkner (CFW) #1864
Lars Demel (LDE) #46698
Fredrik Mellberg (AKO) #19265
Urban berg (UBB) #13169
David Dahl-Hansson (DDH) #7309
Karyn Kiser (KKH) #8677
Linus Jorenbo (SP) #28
Jörgen Holm (IFK) #11
Bally Hagman (DAH) #509
Tomas Stenbäck (TS) #1905
Rolf Ericson (REC) 391
Magnus Lundberg (MLU) #2005
Stavros Progoulakis (STP) #14370
Norbert Broman (BRO) #108
John van der Wulp (JVW) #566
Marcus Jeppsson (MAC) #26599
Christer Holm (CHO) #1870
Lars Lindgren (LAZ) #47851
Jonas Vahlström (HBK) #9125
Philippe Bocquet #14672
Roger Hansson (ROG) #5001
Per Schwarzenberger (PER) #12220
Cesar Dubon Martinez (PIP) #20693
Miguel Ramon Ferruz (MRF) #52989
Julio Vicario Soriano (JUL) #1359
Niklas Lepa (NLE) #9139
Oscar Gorajewski (OG) #23377
Fredrik Persson (ICU) #29986
Bo Olsson (BOZ) #7858
Mikael Olausson (MIO) #20630
Michael Nilsson (GTO) #6442
Claes Thorin (CTH) #15260
Frédéric Alonzo (FRE) #15531
Claes Joansson (CGJ) #6172
Åse Johansson (ASE) #7860
Andreas Nirvén (KAI) #4334
Tony Möllerström (TMM) #48415
Henrik Johansson (HLJ) #44033
Anders Birgersson (ABI) #713
Niclas Larsson (MUU) #884
Thomas Bouse (CRP) #4331
Håkan Bengtsson (BEN) #2136
Micken Lindstedt (JML) #1860

Sum: 48 (of 48)


Arvid Flygare (AVD) #49549
Johan Flygare (JOH) #48426
Michael Mattsson (DRI) #11575
Hervé Pierru #31163
Grant Stephens #2184
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Bally Hagman, DAH, ifpa# 509
Bally Hagman
För övrigt, så bör alla Dr Who spel skrotas

Rolph Ericson

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Rolph "REC" Ericson #391
Magnus "MLU" Lundberg #2005
This is what we in Sweden call a Donald Duck tournament


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Stavros Progoulakis, STP 14370
Player #:   14370
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