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Flippersnack / Batman - The Dark Knight
« skrivet: juli 04, 2008, 16:09:33 »
Se där, en bild på nya Batmanflippret här. Visserligen photoshoppad och man ser inget från spelplanen, men det kommer nog...

Köpes / K: Coil Slide Bracket till Shadow
« skrivet: maj 19, 2008, 14:00:28 »
Hej hopp, är det månne nån som har en sån här som ligger och skräpar?

Flippersnack / 24
« skrivet: april 07, 2008, 13:17:49 »
Hm, lite intressant, i den här tråden på R.G.P postar Steve Ritchie: "All the beer in the world won't get me to talk about 24.  Everyone
knows that I am working on it and happy with it, and that's all there
is for now.


Det är väl första konkreta uppgifterna på att det kommer ett 24-flipper förutom rykten?

Flippersnack / Indiana Jones
« skrivet: mars 17, 2008, 11:31:30 »
Första bilderna på nya Indiana Jones finns på pinballnews.

Lite intressant dels att den verkar ha modes/kopplingar till alla 4 Indiana Jones-filmerna och inte bara från den kommande filmen.
Också lite intressant att den verkar ha samma upplägg på DMD-displayen som WOF med poängen på vänstra tredjedelen och animeringar och sånt på högra 2 tredjedelarna. Gillar det.

Flippersnack / Hellacoptersflipper
« skrivet: augusti 06, 2007, 17:40:27 »
Tror inte att det här har postats tidigare, men bandet Hellacopters har gjort ett flipper med just bandet som tema. Från deras hemsida:

Kiss did it and so did Ted Nugent and The Stones. Now why would we be any worse? So here it is:
The Hellacopters "Air Raid Serenades" Kustom Pinball Machine! Created by Wade Krause (machine design and printing) and Dirty Donny (art) this is truly a masterpiece. Check it out!

Here's what Michael Schiess at Lucky Ju Ju wrote:

For those of you who do not understand what this show is about, Artist Dirty Donny has teamed up with Pinball Artisan Wade Krause to take a vintage pinball machine, reproduce a new playfield with their own
modifications and artwork, screen the back glass with custom artwork, repaint the cabinet and head and playfield to create a one of a kind, interactive kinetic art piece. A labor of love that has been months in
the making. On top of all that, Wade has added his own extra play features improving on the games original play and increasing the complexity of the strategy.
It is a big plus for Hellacopter fans everywhere who now have a pinball machine to grace their collection of tributes. This is a first of what I hope is to be a trend in the pinball art community. Re-themed Machines. I am thrilled to have Donny and Wade's creation debut at the Ju Ju and would like to see many more in the future. A brave new step indeed! Thank you gentlemen!!!
Michael Schiess/Lucky Ju Ju 2007"

Och här är lite bilder på det.

Flippersnack / Family Guy
« skrivet: januari 08, 2007, 13:04:20 »
Lite skvaller om kommande Stern-flippret (februari release) Family Guy från

"The central focus is a toy Stewie pinball machine inside the big game that actually works.

Note that this is not just another mini-playfield. Pat Lawlor - PLD has actually engineered all of the mechanical elements in miniature flippers etc. so that the toy game plays with a 5/8 inch ball and still feels like a real pinball machine."


Övrigt / Fel forum
« skrivet: januari 08, 2007, 13:02:49 »
Äh, fel forum, nån admin får gärna plocka bort den här...

Flippersnack / Ny version av Pinmame
« skrivet: juni 01, 2006, 13:25:44 »
Det har tydligen släppts en ny version av pinmame idag. Har inte testat den själv då jag är på jobbet. Här är postningen från R.G.P:

Version 1.53 (June 1, 2006) - "GO FASTER!"
It's been 10 months since our last release. Every time we thought about
this available, a new issue cropped up that we couldn't resist. Just one
challenge around the corner to overcome. I'd like to think this version has
the most testing ever, but if you do find a bug, please let us know.

1.53 changes:

*** SOUND ***
Improved Inder Sound (Gerrit Volkenborn)
Juegos Populares Sound (Gerrit Volkenborn)
Improved Zaccaria Sound (Gerrit Volenborn/Oliver Kaegi)
Gameplan Sound (Oliver Kaegi)
Added correct sound support for Pennant Fever (Gerrit Volkenborn)
America 1492 sound now works (Gerrit Volkenborn)
Fixed Williams Thunderball Sound (Gerrit Volkenborn)

*** CORE/CPU ***
Added keyboard inputs for Rotation 8 - setup/configuration now possible
(Gerrit Volkenborn)
Gottlieb Preliminary Display fading (Gerrit Volkenborn)
Mr Game improvements (Steve Ellenoff/Tom Behrens/Gerrit Volkenborn)
Corrected score displays for Peyper/Inder/Sonic (Gerrit Volkenborn)
Added support for LTD - should be working (no sound) - Gerrit Volkenborn
Added improved preliminary support for Playmatic (Gerrit Volkenborn)
Corrected displays for Safecracker, and other WPC games (Tom Behrens/Brian
Added Stern new region DMD dips (Gerrit Volkenborn)

*** COM DLL ***
VPM Display handling changes (Tom Haukaup)
Added dual monitor support (Excentric/Tom Haukap)
Added display rotation for vpm (Tom Haukap)
Corrected direct draw problem for PINMame (Tom Haukap)

Updated Alien Poker multiball roms (Oliver Kaegi)
Updated Firepower Custom roms (Oliver Kaegi)
Added Attack From Mars 1.13B (Brian Smith/Wod)
Added Austin Powers display roms for foregin languages (Brian Smith)
Added Bell Ringer roms (Cliffy)
Added Big Guns Prototype (Brian Smith)
Added Data East Batman 1.06 (Brian Smith)
Added Dinosaur Eggs sound rom (Brian Smith/Gerrit Volkenborn)
Added Gamatron roms (Gerrit Volkenborn)
Added High Roller Casino and Sharkey's Shootout display roms for added
languages (Brian Smith)
Added Hot Shot Basketball (Brian Smith/Gerrit Volkenborn)
Added Hyperball (L=6) (Brian Smith/Jess Askey)
Added Junkyard Prototype (Gerrit Volkenborn)
Added Medieval Madness 1.09B (Brian Smith/Wod)
Added Monopoly French, German, Italian, and Spanish Display Roms (Brian
Added Monster Bash 1.06B (Brian Smith/Wod)
Added Odin Deluxe (Brian Smith/Gerrit Volkenborn)
Added Omni Sound (Brian Smith)
Added Sonic Star Wars (Steve Ellenoff/Joxer)
Added Sopranos 3.00
Added Stargazer Custom rom (Oliver Kaegi)
Added STTNG Special set (Brian Smith)
Added Ted Estes bootleg roms for early Williams games (Brian Smith)
Added Twilight Zone 9.4ch (Brian Smith)
Added Volcano 1a - alternate sound only (Gerrit Volkenborn)
Added Whitewater Home Roms (Gerrit Volkenborn)
Corrected Zaccaria Zankor (Oliver Kaegi)

What's new in Visual PinMAME:

Version 1.53, (June 1, 2006)
- added display rotation for the vpm window
- added the code from Jarez Bienz which allows you to set the display dd3
- fixed a bug in the paths dialog (the first three weren't displayed anymore
after a game was started)
- If you execute Controler.Run without a parent window VPM will now search
for a running VPPlayer-Window and
if it's found it's used
- just before the VPM window becomes visible it is checked if the parent
window is present and visible. If it's
not visible VPM will wait until it becomse visible (or a timeout of one
second times out). Once the
parent window is visible it will be set as the active and foreground window
- selecting the vpm display and pressing escape will cause an error - known

Check out

Flippersnack / PAPA-artikel i Replay Magazine
« skrivet: december 21, 2005, 14:13:19 »
En intressant artikel från Replay Magazine där man ser en del svenskar på första bilden...

Flippersnack / PAPA 9
« skrivet: november 28, 2005, 17:17:55 »
Nu efter SM så passar det väl alldeles utmärkt att Kevin Martin precis meddelat på RGP att det blir ett PAPA även nästa år. Inget datum är spikat, utan han vill att folk ska rösta om datum  här

Flippersnack / Pinball Circus
« skrivet: november 25, 2005, 13:56:52 »
Som väl dom flesta av er vet så var det ju pinball expo i helgen och där fanns bland annat Pinball Circus utställt. Pinball Circus är ett helt fantastiskt underligt spel i flera våningar som bara finns i 2 exemplar varav det här är det ena och det andra är tydligen försvunnet i Tyskland.

Men i alla fall så kan man här ladda ner videos från spelet in action. Klart annorlunda spel...

Flippersnack / Pinball Hall of Fame to open SOON!
« skrivet: november 03, 2005, 13:50:11 »
Lite news från R.G.P:


Way out West, where tumbleweeds blow down the barren streets of a small
town called LAS VEGAS, a group of pinball collectors has banded
together to open SHITLOADS OF PINBALLS, the last real arcade in
We signed a lease on Thursday Oct. 26th, and have been ripping out
walls, bathrooms, and floors non stop since then. The location is 3330
E. Tropicana. This is 33 blocks EAST of the corner of the strip and
Tropicana. There are some dumpy old casinos there, MGM, Excalibur and
Newerk, Newerk. It is located in a shopping center on the corner of
Trop and Pecos, just blocks from the BIG HIT SHED! It is 5 store
fronts, all will be connected by wall removal. Plenty of parking, and
best of all RIGHT NEXT TO A THEATER! The only 2 dollar theater in a
town of almost 2 million lost and damned souls. The size is 48 feet 6
inches by 91 feet. That's a whopping 4400 square feet. The plan is to
put in 7 rows of games, each row 31 games long. One row must be video
games and novelties 36 inches or less, the other 6 will be pinball,
each row dedicated to an era of game. The Bogart fire marshall has
demanded 2 end walls be open, so art and history displays can bemounted
on these.
Many of you who have listened to us ramble on for years about BUYING a
building must be asking "What happened to buying a building?" The short
version of what happened is, we got our weenies stuck in the Real
Estate boom in Vegas. 5 years ago, we could have bought a whole
shopping center for 1 to 2 million, now they are 4 to 5 million.
Meanwhile, rents in Vegas have not budged AT ALL in several years.
Speculation has driven up prices to the point where it is cheeper to
You may also remember all the pleeding, begging and selling of raffle
tickets and video tapes we did to con all you suckers out of dough. The
total as of today in our Building Fund stands at $355,600.00. Fear not
flipper fans. We have a plan! Put the building Fund into a bond or bond
fund that pays interest, and use the interest to lay off part of the
rent. If we get enough money in the building Fund, ALL of the rent
could be paid for. It's the same as owning a building, just that the
capital sits in a bond, not in a deed.
Here is the straight dilly-o. Space was a dollar a foot. CAMS were a
quarter. Total out the door price was 1.25 foot. X 4500 Sq. Ft. = 5625
a month. Electric is budgeted at 1000 a month. Insurance and phone is
400 a month. Round it all up and park it in the garage for 7 grand a
month. That's 1650 a week.
But it gets better! Put 300,000 in a bond at 8 percent, that spins off
2000 a month in interest. Also, as part of the deal, our club gets to
kick out the vendor in the lobby of the theater and PUT IN OUR GAMES!
Right now, these games, all old and ratty and busted, are earning 1000
a month. That brings it up to 3000 clams. Then, there are the other
games we have out on the street all over Vegas pulling in coins. 800 a
month. Shaggy and Norm keep talking about making new tapes, that would
bring in more. Figure 4000 easy out of the 7000 before we even open the
doors. Then there is all the branded crap we intend to sell to tourists
and pinheads. Shirts, hats, yo-yo's and monogrammed toast. Then, there
are the quarters that go into the games, or sale of free play keys for
all you can play. We might actually break even or earn a little.
Labor will be provided by members of the Secret Society of the
Sub-basement, a splinter group of local pinball FANATICS who will work
endless hours for no pay. Advertising will be all word of mouth and
loads of free news stories on the local media, most of which are our
zombie slaves ready to spew out the company line. Hours of operation
will be late morning till the last show gets out at the theater around
11PM. 7 fun filled days a week. Private parties and groups can rent
free play keys and play all they want for a flat price per head.
(Mutants pay for both heads). No coked food, just sealed containers of
soft drinks and packaged grocerys, chips and candy. This way, we avoid
the hassle of resturant kitchen- snackbar.There is a nice bar right
next door, so if you want to drink, go over there.
We will be finished with the demolition by the end of this weekend.
Then it is into the bottomless vortex of county beuro-crats to get
inspected, molested and permitted. They say you are supposed to be out
in 45 days, but with the holidays falling right in the middle of this,
I am not holding my breath.
How can you help? We need MONEY! Big piles of cash to raise the
building fund to the point where we break even. At some point in the
near future, not right now, we will offer memberships to the pinball
community. You can get your name on a plaque, a brick, a toilet or a
wall in exchange for your support. You will also get a newsletter
delivered by e-mail, bursting with pinfun, and special offers on logo
products. Save up your dubloons me buckos, as soon as we open, you can
set sail with the Pinball Pirates!
Because of all the intense time presure of getting this thang opened,
there will be no booth at the Pinball Alpo (The only pinball show that
makes it's own gravy) in Chicago this year. I will be giving my seminar
VIA VIDEO TAPE, giving a tour of the new facility and showing naughty
pictures of what we hope it will look like. If you happen to be in
Vegas between now and the time we open, and want to wander around an
empty store, call me for a tour.

Tävlingar / Good Luck bojkottar SM
« skrivet: oktober 28, 2005, 02:13:11 »
Inför årets SM har ju en affisch tagits fram och då känns det så klart naturligt att sätta upp dom lite här och var i spelhallar.

Då vi tillfrågade G**d L*ck om det var ok att sätta upp affischer i deras ställen fick vi som svar "Nej, då det är flipperspelarnas fel att vi förlorat en lokal".

Bakgrunden till det är att vi i StPb regelbundet har flippertävlingar på Söderbiljarden i Stockholm och inför varje tävling har gjort spelcheck och skrivit väldigt detaljerade felrapporter. Trots det har spelen i regel hållit undermålig kvalite och det har varit mer regel än undantag att vi har fått avsluta tävlingarna med ett eller flera spel avstängda och att deras "service" i regel har gått ut på att kladda möbelpolish på alla spel så dom varit groteskt ospelbara.

Då Söderbiljardens ägare har märkt att spelen inte fixades trots felrapporteringar och påstötningar, tröttnade han och kastade ut G**d L*ck för att ta in en mer seriös speloperatör och nu tycker tydligen B*d L*cks småsinta och långsinta ägare att han får sin hämnd på det här sättet.

Att han samtidigt gör sig till allmänt åtlöje hos Sveriges samlade flipperspelare här på SFS och knappast gör nån vidare reklam för sina flipperställen har tydligen underordnad betydelse...

Flippersnack / Oseriösa flipperutställare eller Bad Luck...
« skrivet: november 09, 2003, 14:48:13 »
Igår hade vi en flippertävling i Stockholm, vi hade några dagar i förväg inventerat spelen och ringt in felanmälan till "Good Luck"´, för övrigt ett rätt passande namn, med tanke på att man ska ha en jäkla tur om man ska hitta ett fungerande spel utställt spel från dom.

Dom lovade att se till att spelen skulle vara i bra skick och hade en "tekniker" där både dagen innan och tidigare på morgonen. Var spelen i bra skick för det? "BAD LUCK"

Under tävlingen dök faktiskt deras tekníker upp igen, och vi påtalade ett antal GROVA fel (vi nämnde inte att de flesta spelen har slöa flipprar, tokskitiga spelplaner osv) och det här var hans svar:

DM: böghantagsknapparna funkade inte (mao inga extra-jackpots eller andra hemliga grejer): "Men den vänstra knappen funkar ju..."

NGG: Ekorren sitter fast halvvägs upp och omöljiggör locks: "Men det är ju lika för alla"

T3: Ingen ballsave och jäkligt lättiltat: "Men vi vill ju tjäna så mycket pengar som möjligt"

MB: gör ibland en power-reset när kulan rinner genom höger outlane: "konstigt, här får ni en gratis credit"

När vi sen tyckte att deras spel i regel höll undermålig kvalitet så var hans svar: "Om man skulle hålla dom i bra skick skulle man ju vara tvungen att jobba hela dagarna"

Skrämmande eller?

Flippersnack / Cirgus Vohaire anybody :-)
« skrivet: oktober 24, 2003, 16:07:48 »
Underbar stavning eller?

Kolla även hans andra försäljningar :-D

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