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Shipping Pin Sweden-> Ireland - Options?
« skrivet: juli 13, 2006, 17:14:24 »
Hello all,
I'm sorry about the English, but my Swedish is not very good.

I lived in Sweden for 2 years, but I am now back in Ireland, and I want to Ship my "Doctor Who" back to Ireland (I aslo have a "Black Hole" in Sweden)

Does anybody know how much it might cost to get this shipped from Sweden to Ireland ?

Here are some pictures of the Doctor Who:

I also have a Black Hole machine in Sweden:

If it's too expensive to ship the Doctor Who, I may just have to sell it (I think I will Sell or give away the Black Hole)

Anyhow, any information / suggestions anybody could give would be great !

Tack !!

And sorry about the English !!

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