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Meddelanden - WIZ

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That number of players really ties the tournament together.


Tävlingar / SV: Graveyard Pinball Open 16/6
« skrivet: april 04, 2018, 12:28:04 »
ELK, Mads Kristensen, 4378

Mads Kristensen - ELK - 4378

Tävlingar / SV: LPA Open 2018, 21-22 april
« skrivet: januari 08, 2018, 09:26:49 »

Tävlingar / SV: LPA – Pinlab Special, 15 december
« skrivet: december 16, 2017, 20:19:36 »
Kæmpe tak fra Robert og mig. Best tourney ever!

Tävlingar / SV: EPC 2017 • 20-22 oktober • Pinballseye
« skrivet: oktober 22, 2017, 23:27:58 »
Thanks for one legendary weekend!

INK & Co.! You are the greatest!

Tävlingar / SV: Pre-IFPA tournamemts in Denmark
« skrivet: maj 26, 2017, 09:10:55 »
Rumors are it will be possible to enter the World Classic Open tournament running Saturday and Sunday in Denmark! Great chance for any WPPR journey man - over 70 players - mostly international.

Just let me know  - and show up in Hvalsø in your desired timeslot Saturday!

Tävlingar / SV: Borås Pinball Open 2017 – 22/9-24/9
« skrivet: maj 09, 2017, 20:28:04 »
Mads Kristensen, #007  8)

Tävlingar / SV: Pre-IFPA tournamemts in Denmark
« skrivet: maj 05, 2017, 11:16:22 »
Thanks MAC! The answers are:
A) No - the registration page will not only show open time slots. All players will be allowed to enter their preferred time slot up until registration closes.
B) Consequently no - you are not garenteed your preferred time slot. When we close the registration players will be informed about their actual time slot. (Looks good though).

Tävlingar / SV: Pre-IFPA tournamemts in Denmark
« skrivet: maj 04, 2017, 17:30:56 »

Dear all

We are getting closer to this year big IFPA event in Denmark.

We are happy to see that more than 90 people signed up for the tournaments before IFPA 14, but we have room for more...
Last chance to register for the 3 events, which takes place before the IFPA14, will be Friday 5th of May at 11:59pm.

We did just register a big personality as player number 92 in the Danish Pinball open – We welcome Daniele Celestino Acciari, who together with Cayle George and Raymond Davison currently are the 3 top seed. In the top 10 we also have Jörgen Holm and Trent Augenstein along with great pinball personality’s like Paul Jongma, Robert Sutter, Lyman Sheats, Julio Vicario Soriano and our own Mr. Bobby Ågren. It will by far be the biggest pinball tournament on Danish ground so far.
We, the officiels, have done a big effort in giving you a great time in Copenhagen. We have arranged free bus transportation from Pinlab to the 2 events World Classic Open and Retro Arcade Open. We have screens for audience at IFPA14, good food and drinks at friendly prices and much more.

You can still register here:
See you all very soon.

Regards Pinlab

Tävlingar / SV: Pre-IFPA tournamemts in Denmark
« skrivet: april 21, 2017, 20:27:32 »
Dear pinball players
As we get very close to IFPA14 and all the site events, we here bring you some information. Remember to register before May 5th
As we’re introducing official betting in connection with the IFPA World Championship Week we need to set a sign-up cut-off date to allow the bookmakers to set the odds.
In addition to IFPA14 we’re offering 3 full whopper tournaments from May 27th-May 31st. The sign-up cut-off date is May 5th for all tournaments.
You can register for all tournaments on You will be able to bet on Danish Pinball Open and IFPA14
Full details (machine banks, format, transportation etc.) will be available from Friday May 19th on the above website.
Remember, that all the events – tournaments and side tournaments all will be with fully Whopper points, so you will be able to make a bunch of points, if you can beat the stars of pinball, who will show up for these crazy days.
The Pinlab

Tävlingar / SV: LPA Open 2017, 22-23 april
« skrivet: april 01, 2017, 01:17:43 »
Holy moly!

Am I reading the rules wrong or did Walter and I make it into the tournament!?

Yes! Yes! Yes!  :o

Tävlingar / SV: LPA Open 2017, 22-23 april
« skrivet: mars 01, 2017, 16:48:00 »
Walter Hurwitz fra USA deltager formentlig også - hvis rygterne taler sandt - og LPA udvider turneringen. I første omgang på reserv-listan. Jeg betaler for os begge.

Tävlingar / SV: Pre-IFPA tournamemts in Denmark
« skrivet: februari 24, 2017, 22:31:52 »

Don’t miss the Woodstock of pinball as The Pinlab in Copenhagen hosts IFPA14 and rolls out a full week of open tournaments starring you against the best players in the world. Get your tickets now at

IFPA wrote:

"In celebration of the upcoming World Pinball Championship this June, the IFPA will be taking over Denmark with a WPPR point bonanza of tournaments for flipper fanatics to enjoy!

World Championship Week starts with the World Classic Open on May 27-28th (Saturday-Sunday) in Hvalsø featuring over 50 classic machines available.

Typically held in October, Danish Pinball Open is the Danish European Circuit event and normally the biggest annual event in Denmark. For 2017 they have decided to make this premiere event part of World Championship Week, taking place May 29-30th (Monday-Tuesday). This will be held at the same location as IFPA14.

Action will continue on Wednesday May 31st at the Retro Arcade Open in Glostrup with a collection of over 60 machines."

Because the best players in the world from 20 nations will then the following Thursday play for the World Championship title - expect these tournaments to be visited by the toughest opponents of all time!

Tävlingar / SV: LPA Open 2017, 22-23 april
« skrivet: januari 14, 2017, 07:15:21 »
Jeg melder mig også på reservelisten. Det er der de hårde står.  ::)

ELK, Mads Kristensen, #4378

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