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Säljes / Wizard of Oz Standard (Located in Helsinki, Finland)
« skrivet: oktober 06, 2018, 13:50:21 »
For sale Wizard of Oz standard.

Be prepared for a lengthy description of the pin.

- Castle walls mod
- Witches well mod
- Mirror crystal ball, Lollipop rainbow, Holographic tnplh & 2 Witches target decals
- Marbeled green shooter knob
- Flourenscent plastic kit
- Munchkinland chrome edge protector
- some cliffy protectors
- new titan competition -rubbers freshly installed, colors matching the playfield
(few of the more difficult rubbers to install have not been installed, but are provided with the deal)

Some minuses:
- little wear before the winkie drop target (covered with a small decal and mylar)
- little wear in the edge of the munchkinland-miniplayfield
- little wear in the hole on the right (under a cliffy, not visible)
- some mark ca. 2 cm:n beside the left front leg

Technically working just fine, but two items I have noticed:
1) the small led on the Haunted Forest -sign never lights up. According to Pinside, sometimes these wires have been installed wrong by JJP, I have not tried to fix it.
2) sometimes the monkey comes down to get the ball on the magnet, but the ball is not there. According to Pinside: "This is normal, the switch sequence that tells the game that a ball is heading that way can be triggered by a ball that almost makes it up the orbit but just shy of the magnet. The monkey sequence still happens and you are still awarded a capture. Just pinball being pinball." I have not adjusted the magnet settings, probably would also help in this regard

Price 6500 EUR + shipping costs. Better of course if the buyer would take a nice ferry ride to Helsinki to pick the pin up.

If the buyer wants to have a shaker in addition, its +175 EUR

Sold "as is". Contacts via PM.

Attached below links to some pics (WOZ has now pinstadiums installed, they are not a part of the deal) - can provide more pics to a potential buyer, just ask.


Bytes / WOZ Standard + cash to WOZ 75th
« skrivet: juli 31, 2018, 23:13:56 »
I am willing to trade up my WOZ Standard + cash to a WOZ 75th (NIB or HUO like new).

My WOZ Standard has some wear in front of the winkie target and on the munchkinland miniplayfield edge.

My WOZ Standard also has the following mods:

- JJP original invisiglass
- shaker
- Castle walls mod
- Witches well mod (a bit torn)
- Mirror crystal ball, Lollipop rainbow, Holographic tnplh & 2 Witches target decals
- Marbeled green shooter knob
- Flourenscent plastic kit
- Munchkinland chrome edge protector
- cliffy protectors (not all of them)

Shipping would be required, as my pin is in Finland. Let me know your offer via PM.

Säljes / Ghostbusters Premium HUO
« skrivet: juli 18, 2018, 14:57:27 »
For sale a HUO Ghostbusters Premium pinball machine for 6300 EUR + shipping costs.

No mods, almost all Stern Service Bulletin fixes applied. Cabinet is excellent, but there are some tiny cosmetical issues about the PF, which I will detail to the potential buyer in separate pictures. Technically works ok.

It is sold as is and is located in Helsinki, Finland. I can palletize, but alternatively the buyer could take a small summer cruise to Helsinki and pick the pin up.


Bytes / Ghostbusters Premium to a really nice Totan or TAF?
« skrivet: juli 01, 2018, 10:00:05 »
I have a GB Premium, which I would consider trading to a restored Totan. Or a Totan HUO in really really nice shape. Also trade to a restored TAF could be possible, but then there would need to be cash on you side in addition. My pin is if Finland, so shipping would be required.

Bytes / GOT LE with a new playfield to WOZ, TSPP, AFMR LE, GOTG, Totan, Alien
« skrivet: december 27, 2017, 14:19:31 »
Have a look at my GOT LE here:

Regarding possible trades, I am looking for atleast these (in very nice condition):

WOZ (with buffered 7.5v or 2.0 boards),
a working Alien-pin

Let me know what you have to offer and we can then discuss money matters :)

Säljes / Game of Thrones LE with a new playfield
« skrivet: december 12, 2017, 17:36:27 »
I am willing to sell my GOT LE with a brand new playfield, a shaker and the Stern topper (dragon/castle).

Number of games played on the new playfield: 1

I played one game just to check out that the playfield works with the cabinet.
With my one game I noticed that the elevator to the upper playfield will need some adjusting (the game had to try 2-3 times before getting the ball up to the upper playfield), but I will leave that to the new owner.

I did not notice any insert ghosting either on the new playfield. Cabinet is also like new.

The game is sold "as is" and the shipping will be at the buyer's risk.

I am willing to sell it for 9000 EUR + shipping costs.

GOT LE is located in Helsinki, Finland, so shipping will be required (I can put it onto a pallet) or perhaps you could take a ferry-trip with car to Helsinki to check the pin out and then take it back to Sweden?


Köpes / Looking for: CC(C), TSPP, Elvis or WOZ
« skrivet: augusti 12, 2017, 23:52:21 »
I am looking for the pins as restored versions or otherwise in very nice condition.

Let me know what you have.



Säljes / S: Ghostbusters Premium
« skrivet: juli 10, 2017, 21:41:27 »
My GB Premium is in very good condition. The cabinet is great and its technically working ok. However, there are 4 very tiny issues on the playfield that I will make the potential buyer aware. The pin is sold "as is", but I will describe any issues to the buyer that are known to me beforehand.

I am selling my GB Premium to finance the purchase of a certain other pin. My selling of this pin is therefore conditional upon the pin that I am planning to buy being still available for me to purchase. I will have to check this when discussing the sale with the potential buyer. I will remove my pin from sale at once, if the other pin gets sold.

My GB Premium will not have any mods or add-ons installed. I will remove the shaker for a later use. I will provide pictures separately to the potential buyer.

The price for my GB Premium is 7200 EUR + shipping cost. The pin is located in Helsinki, Finland.

Säljes / Säljes/bytes - a very very nice Monster Bash
« skrivet: juni 13, 2017, 15:21:09 »
I am selling my very very nice Monster Bash.

MB has:
- custom green armor (siderails, lockdown bar, coin door, hinges, legs)
- original playfield, was restaured about a year ago (also the underside of the playfield)
- rubbers are titan pinball competition "glow in the dark" -model
(but to me they don't glow that much...)
- cabinet has new decals
- illuminated flipper buttons + cabinet protectors + Stern-style metal cabinet protectors for legs
- green undercab lightning
- really nice sideblades inside the cabinet
- vampire topper
- custom-painted monsters on the playfield
- pinball bulbsin "ultimate led kit" installed
- the backboard is apparently some newer illuminated plexiglass model

Some negatives that come to my mind:
- Frank is missing one finger and even though his eyes are ledded, only other eye is
currently working - I presume it is an easy fix - you have to go inside frank and
resolder the led
(In the pics I have on both eyes were working)
- the playfield has a couple of small spots that were not restaured - in the midst of
pop bumbers and not visible to the player

Because it is a 20-year old game, despite how well it was restaured, I am only selling
it "as is". It would be good if one could come over and have a few games on it and see how
it feels.

New pictures attached (pics of the cabinet sides are old, but they are as they look in the pics).
Backbox sides are also fine, even though I notice that  I did not take a picture of them a minute ago.
Further pics can be found here:
If there is a need, I can take further pics and e.g. game play video etc.
In the pics at Pinballowners, there is a mantis monster scoop hole protector, but I
exchanged it later to a cliffy(?) protector, as I think it gives more protection.
The scoop hole was fine when I exchanged the protectors, so it should be fine still.

When picked up, price is 7650 EUR with a pin2dmd-display (in pictures) and 7500 EUR
with regular old DMD, which is a bit loud. In case of shipping, the shipping costs will
be added.

I might also be interested in a trade to very nice WOZ, Batman66 Premium or a CC.


Köpes / K: Batman Dark Knight (Stern)
« skrivet: april 05, 2017, 15:01:12 »
Looking for a very nice BDK. Let me know via PM if you have one available for sale and make an offer please.

Köpes / K: MM/Pinbits' Merlin Hole protector and shaker
« skrivet: mars 02, 2017, 14:46:33 »
If you have an extra Pinbits' Merlin Hole protector and/or shaker available for a MM,
do let me know via PM.

Here are links to above-mentioned items:


Säljes / SOLD: The Hobbit Limited Edition
« skrivet: februari 02, 2017, 22:43:11 »
************The pin has been sold****************

Selling my beautiful Hobbit. It is like new, I have no complaints over it.

The pin has cliffys, JJP-beast fix -package and flipperbutton protectors installed.
The topper is the Weta Workshop Smaug Bust collectible:

Willing to consider trades as well. Let me know if you have a beautiful
CC(C), GB Premium, WOZ LE/75th, TSPP, BDK or Elvis to offer.

My pin is located in Helsinki, Finland. I would perfer local pickup, but palletization
could also be organized, if you organized the delivery. There might be other delivery
methods to use as well instead of traditional shipping with a pallet.

Price: 8750 EUR + shipping costs.

Some pictures here:

Bytes / Not available anymore, was traded: MM original to your ECLEWOZ etc.
« skrivet: november 12, 2016, 18:30:49 »
I have a very nice original MM that I would be interested in trading to your nice ECLEWOZ, WOZ 75th, GB Premium/LE (without ghosting) or CC(C).
Let me know what you have and let's work out +/- cash issues when a possible trade candidate is found.

My pin is located in Helsinki, Finland, so shipping would be required. I might also be able to drive my pin to Sweden - it is
always nice to make a pinball road-trip.

The playfield and cabinet in my MM are very very good, even though they are not perfect.

My MM has:
+ a shaker
+ Pin2DMD display
+ playfield protector
+ custom black (with sparkles) painted armor (legs, siderails, coin door, lockdown bar, hinges)
+ Pinball Bulbs' Ultimate LED kit installed
+ cool castle topper
+ ledded troll eyes
+ illuminated backboard
+ upgraded dragon
+ anti-glare display shield on the DMD
+ keyless lock-system in place
+ cliffy and mantis protectors installed

Pics here:

Övrigt Köpes / Sega Rally 3 sitdown twin
« skrivet: oktober 22, 2016, 00:26:59 »

Do let me know if you have Sega Rally 3 twin sit down arcade game for sale and your
asking price.


Bytes / Trade my MM to your CC or CCC
« skrivet: september 10, 2016, 14:22:15 »
Looking to trade my very nice MM to your similar or better
CC/CCC. Depending on condition and add-ons installed, cash
could go either way.

My MM has:

- Mantis and some Cliffy protectors
- Pinball Bulbs' Ultimate led kit
- Playfield Protector
- Pinbits' shaker
- Illuminated backboard with lightning
- Ledded troll eyes
- Flipperbutton protectors
- Castle topper
- Custom armor (black with sparkles) - siderails, lockdown bar, hinges, legs
- Cabinet protectors
- Original very nice playfield
- Pin2DMD-display
- Probably some other stuff I cannot remember off-hand


Please let me know what you have. Will send more pics per request, let me know what you need.
My pin is located in Helsinki, Finland, so shipping most probably is required.

It is also possible to trade my SM + cash to your CC/CCC. Have a look here
for my SM's pictures and description:

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