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Vacation Warning 03/29/2018 – 04/09/2018
Posted By Adam Becker, on March 25, 2018

This is a warning to let you know that from 03/29/2018 until 04/09/2018 Adam Becker will be on a much deserved vacation.

During that period approvals for results and calendar entries will not be occurring.

Anything submitted before 03/28/2018 will be processed but anything afterward will not be looked at until 04/09/2018. So get anything you would like into the system before 03/28/2018.

Tävlingar / Italian Pinball Open, 2018-06-23-2018-06-24
« skrivet: mars 15, 2018, 09:59:09 »
talian Pinball Open:
this year the Italian Pinball Championship will take place during the weekend of 23-24 June 2018 in a new location, for a completely new and unique event, in a new format full of fun.
In fact, QLASH House by Luca Pagano will host the tournament: the headquarters of Team Qlash and eSports in Italy. That is, videogame tournaments representing a world very close to that of pinball machine.
A real festival full of fun will take place in the weekend of 23-24 June, in Treviso. But also full of competition. Together with the Italian Pinball Championship - IPO, there will also be an eSports tournament ("Hearthstone" invitational tournament with 8/16 participants) to also involve the public of professional players from both sports. But in addition to this, a tournament will also be played, that can bring these two worlds together and involve both of them: it is a challenge to Virtual Pinball, played on tablet stations, which is giving away an interesting prize for the winner, namely a brand new tablet!

Detailed information about the event will be published in the coming days. (The organization signed particularly favorable conditions with some hotels very close to the facility that will be shortly published).
Meanwhile, here are the first info regarding the IPO Italian pinball championship:

The tournament includes a main event (Main Tournament) inserted in the official Ifpa calendar and therefore valid for the Wppr ranking, but is also included in the calendar of the ICS 2018 National Circuit, constituting the fourth and the most important stage in terms of points and it will also be the Italian event for the Ecs European circuit (In these two cases, only the Main Tournament will be taken into account), constituting the only Italian stage of the circuit.
Start: Saturday, June, the 23rd 2018 End: Sunday, June, the 24th 2018
Max: 64 players

Subscription start from 1st April 2018

Tävlingar / IFPA 15, 1-3/6 2018 i Kanada
« skrivet: januari 10, 2018, 09:20:44 »
IFPA 15, 1-3/6 2018

En del av er (ni som ligger topp-100) har redan fått mejl om detta, men det kan vara bra med en infotråd också kanske.
Årets IFPA går av stapeln 1-3 juni på adressen "Press Start Arcade in Keswick, Ontario, Kanada"
Mer info finns här:

Varje land har ju två "friplatser" om de vill, och resten av deltagarna fylls på enligt rankinglistan som den såg ut 1/1 (eller om det kanske är 31/12).

För Sveriges del så verkar Jorian nästan säker på att han ska dit.
Jörgen får tydligen inte delta i år eftersom han under en period ställde sig utanför rankingen förra året.
Och jag själv kommer att hoppa över IFPA detta år har jag bestämt.
Men Markus och JG brukar ju vara på hugget, och säkert fler andra av er.

Not: det här är alltså ingen tråd man anmäler sig i eller så, utan bara lite info.

Tävlingar / OBS! New for 2018 – IFPA Tournament Manager
« skrivet: januari 02, 2018, 11:28:15 »
Hej alla!

Viktig nyhet hos IFPA är att alla som ska lägga upp tävlingar i IFPA-kalendern eller rapportera resultat måste skaffa ett login.
Läs mer på deras egen sida, och se kommentarerna där om ni stöter på eventuella problem vid kontoskapandet.

Tävlingar / WPPR och spelsystem i kommande SM mm.
« skrivet: november 18, 2017, 11:03:04 »
En tråd där man kan fortsätta att diskutera spelsystem och WPPRs på kommande SM mm.

Tävlingar / Dutch Pinball Masters March 9th – 11th 2018
« skrivet: oktober 30, 2017, 10:33:48 »
9-11/3 2018 spelas Dutch Pinball Masters.
Varje land har möjlighet att föranmäla sex spelare.
De ska ha in föranmälningarna senast 25/11, så jag vill ha dem här senast 24/11, så midnatt den 23/11 är deadline.
Anmälningen för alla öppnar sedan den 6/12

Vi kör enligt IFPA-ranking den 24/11.
Skriv en post nedan med följande information, gärna uppstaplat precis i den ordningen så det blir lätt att kopiera och klistra in sedan.

In this mail I need the following information from each player:

-Full name
-Email address
-IFPA ID (if available)
-Classics yes/no

All information about the tournament can be found here:

Ladies and gentlemen,

General information about the tournament: Maximum number of players: 48

We grant five free spots to the following players (subject to their confirmation):

1. IFPA 14 World Champion - Raymond Davidson
2. PAPA 2017 World Champion - Escher Lefkoff
3. EPC 2016 Champion - Jorian Engelbrektsson
4. MPFF 2017 Champion - Martin Ayub
5. PPC 2015 Champion - Daniele Celestino Acciari

We also introduce countdown spots that give the player an extra discount* to the registration fee according to the following formula:
1st to register and pay: 10 Eur discount
2nd to register and pay: 9 Eur discount
3rd to register and pay: 8 Eur discount
10th to register and pay: 1 Eur discount
* free spots players are exempt from the above

So if you are fast enough you may grab some prize way before the event starts!

Machines: WOZ 75th LE, Hobbit Smaug Gold LE, Medieval Madness RLE and/or similar :) (*) & around 30 machines (the list will be posted later)

Schedule (draft):
8.09 16:00 - 20:00 (optional) - pastime activities, free plays on all machines available (including WOZ, Hobbit, MM RLE); 20:00-0:00 start of classic and additional tournaments qualifications; main tournament seeding;
9.09 10:00 - end: Main tournament (usual PPC rules) 1st round - all players will be divided - according to seeding results from the day before) into 2 groups (up to 24 players each) and will play head-to-head two player 3 ball games with 1 point for the win and 0 for the loss. Players to finish 1-8 in each group will advance to new 16 player FinalA group. Players finishing 9-16 in each group will go to new 16 player FinalB group, while the remaining players will create FinalC group. All players will qualify to the next round on Sunday!
10.09 14:00 - end: Classic and additional tournaments (usual PPC and MPFF rules with some modifications) qualification round - entry system - four five ball single games on three different classic machines (we have - Spirit of 76, Bronco, Jungle Queen, Mata Hari, Sinbad, Haunted House, Evel Knievel, Space Invaders) - only the last entry of the player counts. Best 4/8/16 not more than 50% of the participating players will qualify for the playoffs (more to follow).
10.09 10:00 - 13:00: Main tournament 2nd round - another head-to-head games only between players who didn't face each other in the 1st Round (the results between the players who have already played against each other on Saturday are rolled over - there will be 8 new games to play for each player) within each Final group.
10.09 14:00 - end: Main tournament Top4 Finals. Optionally, each next four players from the top of each Final group ranking maybe be playing on 4 machines for the respective places 1-4,5-8,9-12,13-16, etc. (details to follow).

LIST of our pinballs: and below:
1. The Addams Family
2. Attack from Mars
3. Cactus Canyon
4. Cirqus Voltaire
5. Demolition Man
6. Evel Knievel
7. The Flintstones
8. Funhouse
9. Getaway: High Speed II
10. The Hobbit (Smaug Gold Special Edition)
11. Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure
12. Machine: Bride of Pin•bot
13. Medieval Madness (Remake Limited Edition)
14. Monster Bash
15. No Good Gofers
16. Pinball Magic
17. The Revenge from Mars
18. The Shadow
19. Space Invaders
20. Spider-Man
21. Star Trek: Next Generations
22. Tales of the Arabian Nights
23. Terminator 2: Judgment Day
24. Theatre of Magic
25. Twilight Zone
26. White Water

28. Bronco
29. Haunted House
30. Jungle Queen
31. Mata Hari
32. Sindbad
33. Spirit of 76

There will be more tournaments to participate in. More on this to follow.

Traveling: there are two major airports in the area - KTW (the closest and recommended) and KRK (around an hour drive but there is also a highway toll). There is a direct bus connection between KTW airport and Central Railway Station in Bytom. More detailed information will be posted on FB and also sent to the interested players by email.

KTW airport pickups: we may arrange individual pickup from the KTW airport - subject to separate arrangement and pricing (depending on the number of people in the group)

All payments are non refundable!

Registration fee:
Eur 40,00 - if paid by 30-Jun-2017
Eur 45,00 - if paid by 15-Jul-2017
Eur 50,00 - if paid by 31-Jul-2017
Eur 55,00 - if paid later

Bonuses (valid for registrations paid/confirmed by 15-Jul-2017):
a. MPFF 2 participants: [3 classic tournament entries free]
b. Country Top Player (as of 8.09.2017): [Eur 5 refund in cash]*
c. The longest distance travelling player: [10 JJP Tournament entries free]

The bonuses may add up!
* free spots players are exempt from the refund

To register send appropriate amount to the following address:
stating your name, tag and #ifpa

Guaranteed prizes (before applicable taxes):

Main PPC 2017:
1st - EUR 300
2nd - EUR 150
3rd - EUR 75
4th - EUR 35

Classic PPC 2017:
1st - EUR 100
2nd - EUR 50
3rd - EUR 25
4th - EUR 10

The registration fee also covers the free food prepared and served by Mihiderka (some reasonable limits may apply). We will also organize traditional food options for the players who don't share the passion for vegan food.

Food (buffet lunch style, coffee, tea, water, pepsi, bread, hummus, variety of sandwich options, vegetables, fruit, Mihiderka's burgers, pizza, cake, cookies and other dishes, etc.): available for all the players thoroughout the entire Printimus Pinball Cup 2017. Beer and other drinks can be purchased separately.

To register send appropriate amount to the following address:
stating your name, tag and #ifpa

Accommodation: we recommend of the following hotels:

Rozbark Hotel (cheap, nice and very close to our venue),25

Hotel Bristol (affordable, nice and in the very center of the city of Bytom - 15min walk from the venue)

And for the real pinball fans who don't mind staying around 20km from the venue - we recommend the only Pinball themed hotel in the World, located in Katowice:

The full reports on previous events at our location are available here:

Summary: We deliver the event with one of the most competitive games guaranteed! If we reach the maximum number of players there will be at least 50 games to play within two days! It is also vegan friendly event!

If you have any questions - please ask me:

/Lukasz Dziatkiewicz

The BOP 2017 edition will be held in the same location from last year.
Pre-registration for the BOP 2017 is possible starting from 01/06/2016 till 12/06/2016
Registration for the 'grand public' will open 15th of June.

Like last year, the max. players is set at 250 people... again without doubt the biggest pinball tournament of the year on European soil.
More info will be available on the website soon.
Price for this event, including some drink coupons and a classics entry will be 45 euro.

Some info and options choice are needed per player for registration.
Please give per player in the below format :

- First name + last name
- City
- Country
- Date of Birth
- Active E-mail adress from that player himself
- Mobile number
- BOP tshirt @ 25 euro (yes/no), if yes define the size: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL)
- Saturday evening BBQ @ 15 euro - participation (yes/no)
- Preferred timeslot  A,B,C,D or E (50 players per timeslot, spots are available on a first come first served base, this also in the preregistration process)

A 09:30-12:00

B 12:00-14:30

C 14:30-17:00

D 17:30-19:30

E 19:30-22:00

(joker = 22-23u)

Different from last year is that there will be no team tournament, neither a WTIA (Winner Takes It All) contest. This competition will be replaced by the

BELGIAN TRIPLE 9°.  More info soon, but it will be a 1 day (saturday) competition, entry based, accountable for WPPR points.

At your service,

Lieven Engelbeen

Dear Pinhead.
You want to be part of an amazing pinball event? We are playing the first IFPA Pinball Olympics 2017 in Fulda in the middle of June. Now you will receive some information. Below you find some more information about the location and the schedule.
What awaits you?
4 days full of pinball on more than 50 pinball machines. You have the chance to take part on up to 7 tournaments. Furthermore exciting games, nice pinball guys, an amazing location, delicious food and a lot of fun. You will play classic games and also the latest Stern pinball machines.
When does it start?
We start on Thursday and will play till Sunday. It depends on your registration when you will enter the tournament weekend. Below you find the exact time table.
What do I have to pay?
The tournament fee depends on the number of days you play at this weekend. The more days you play, the cheaper the costs for each day. Furthermore we will offer a buffet with several meat and veggie food (Thursday, Friday and Sunday; on Saturday we will make a barbeque). The costs you find at the “costs” below.
What can I do not a starve or die of thirst?
Next to the offered buffets/veggie and barbeque you can buy snacks, drinks and sweets for moderate prices.
Registration and Payment
If you want to register, please send an email with your full name, IFPA-ID and your email address to:
We have another 5 slots free for this weekend. First come, first serve.
Registration Fee
20 Euro for one day
35 Euro for 2 days
50 Euro for 3 days
60 Euro for 4 days
Costs for the buffet and barbeque
Lunch (in form of a buffet)
Thursday, Friday and Sunday
Buffet with 3 types of different meat, several salads and side orders, bread and dips (8,50 Euro)
Barbeque: Steaks, Chicken, noodles, beans and potatoes’ salad with bread (8,50 Euro)
Alternative for vegetarians
Thursday and Saturday
Veggie Lasagne (5,50 Euro)
Friday and Sunday
Vegetable pan (5,50 Euro)
Please transfer the complete amount (if you have a slot) via bank transfer or Paypal (to family and friends) till May, 5th 2017 latest to:
Tobias Wagemann
Bremer Landesbank
IBAN: DE49 29050000 2001106733
information for transfers from countries outside Germany:
My address:
Paul-Singer-Str. 68
28329 Bremen
Address oft he bank:
Domshof 26
28195 Bremen
Paypal (to friends and family, otherwise you have to pay the fees for Paypal)
Usage (very important!)
First name and family name, P (Participation days) (1 - 4), Essen B (Buffet) oder V (vegetarisch) (Thu,Fr,Sa,So)
For example:
Tobias Wagemann, P (4) B (Do,Fr,Sa,So)
Complete amount: 60 Euro (for 4 days) plus 34,00 Euro for 3x Buffet and 1x Barbeque… all together 94 Euro.
ATTENTION! The tournament fee won´t be refunded in case of a cancellation. The costs for lunch will be refunded 14 days before the tournament starts latest.
If you have any questions, please contact me via e-mail here: (answer this e-mail).
Tobias and the Team von Bulls and Balls
Information for the IFPA Pinball Olympics 2017 in Fulda
Bulls & Balls
In den Straußwiesen 4
36039 Fulda
Special hotel offers for the tournament (limited offer)
57 Euro single room und 67 Euro double room each night. Breakfast for 7,70 Euro instead of 11,00 Euro. a contingent is reserved till the beginning of May. Reservation with the code „Bulls and Balls“.

Hotel am Rosenbad
SR 59 Euro / DR 69 Euro (each night). Breakfast included.
Entry and registration: 12:00
Tournament start  (up to 2 tournaments): 13:00
Lunch: 16:00 (no playing during this time)
End: After the finals
Entry and registration: 09:00
Tournament start  (2 tournaments): 10:00
Lunch: 14:00 (no playing during this time)
End: After the finals
Entry and registration: 09:00
Tournament start  (2 tournaments): 10:00
Lunch: 14:00 (no playing during this time)
End: After the finals
Entry and registration: 09:00
Tournament start  (1 tournament;  Swiss Mode): 10:00
Lunch: 14:00 (no playing during this time)
End: After the finals
During the breaks we will have the trophy ceremony for the winners of the last day.

Tävlingar / Svensk ECS-tävling 2017?
« skrivet: februari 22, 2017, 10:48:00 »
Vilken tävling ska vi utse till svensk ECS-tävling iår?
(ECSär alltså "Europatouren")

EM (som kommer att gå i Sverige) är per automatisk en ECS-tävling, så vi kan alltså utse en till.
Det bör väl vara en hyfsat stor tävling, och krock med annan europeisk stortävling bör undvikas.

Ge förslag nedan!

Redan spikade tävlingar i andra länder är:

SWITZERLAND –> Nordwestschweizer- Flippermeisterschaft (March 4, 2017)
ITALY –> Italian Pinball Open (March 25-26, 2017)
NETHERLANDS –> Dutch Pinball Masters (April 29-30, 2017)
FRANCE –> Master Pinball Elite Yvelines 2017 (May 13, 2017)
SPAIN, 'Torneo Madrileño de Pinballs', May 20th & 21st
LIECHTENSTEIN –> Liechtenstein Pinball Open (June 2017)
AUSTRIA –> Austrian Pinball Open (September 15-17, 2017)
HUNGARY –> Hungarian Pinball Open (November 2017)

Tävlingar / Pre-IFPA tournamemts in Denmark
« skrivet: februari 08, 2017, 08:34:22 »

Nedan information är från Peter i Danmark.
Vi kan föranmäla två personer per täving, och anmälan via den här tråden (svara på frågorna allra längst ned) önskas senast 18/2.
Som jag förstår det så behöver man inte föranmäla sig om man redan ska spela IFPA (för då kommer man att erbjudas en plats ändå),
Så vi kan ju köra de två högst rankade intressenterna per tävling (som inte redan har IFPA-plats vill säga)
Alla andra kommer att kunna anmäla sig ett par dagar efter dead line.


As you all have probably noticed, Denmark, via the Pinlab, is hosting
this years IFPA14 tournament.

But, no IFPA World Championship without a lot of pinball action on the
side, and for this, most of the greatest pinball venues in the greater
Copenhagen area have joined together to host a giant smorgasbord

of pinball festivities in the days leading up to the IFPA14, lovingly
called "The IFPA World Championship Week".

As is tradition, it has been decided that each country will be given 2
pre-registration slots for each tournament, which can be given to any
players the CD chooses. How and who you will let pre-register is
entirely up to you.

A pretty important note is that all players that are playing in IFPA14
tournament will have an excemption slot offered to them. So you need not
worry about your top-ranked players, they have already been taken care of.

On to the fun part, the practical information about the week

May 27th -> May 28th, The World Classic Open
A two day "Classics Only" tournament, held in Hvalsø near Roskilde, with
a pristine collection of classic machines.

May 29th -> May 30th, Danish Pinball Open
The already well established Danish Pinball Open has been moved from its
usual spot in October, and has been extended one day.

May 31st, The Retro Arcade Open
The Retro Arcade in Glostrup, a treasure-trove of pinball machines,
opens its doors for a fast one day tournament, the day before IFPA14
kicks off.

And who knows what else might happen during this week of pinball? ;)
The price for participation is 50€ for each tournament.

Required information:

Name (First and last)
Sex [Female/Male]
Contact email

Som Jorian uppmärksammade mig på är det tydligen bara ett par dagar kvar (att nominera en svensk tävling till omröstningen för vilka tävlingar som ska vara med i PAPA Ciruit i år.
Förra året var det Borås Pinball Open.

Så, om du arrangerar en tävling du tycker ska vara en PAPA Circuit-tävling, gå in här och fyll i formuläret.
Men vänligen läs de olika minimikraven du måste kunna uppfylla först.
(De står på anmälningssidan)

EDIT: 8:e februari är sista dag för er att anmäla er tävling via ovan länk om ni är intresserade

We would like to welcome you for Mihiderka Pinball and Food Festival 2 (MPFF2) March 10th - 12th 2017: Modern and Classics tournaments, plus JJP Challenge and one additional tournament. WPPR points

club Printimus Pinball, Bytom ul. Bernardyńska 1, Poland

More info:

First edition (26th - 28th February, 2016):

About our other tournaments:

We will prepare very special offer in the first in the world PINBALL HOTEL !


We have over 30 pinball machines including top games such as: “Monster Bash”, “Cactus Canyon”, “Circus Voltaire”, “Addams family”, “Twilight Zone”, “Indiana Jones”, “The Wizard of Oz 75th Anniversary Limited Edition”, “Theatre of Magic”, “Tales of the Arabian Nights”.


If you have any questions just ask me.


Tävlingar / För er som lägger upp tävlingar i IFPA-kalendern
« skrivet: januari 11, 2017, 14:30:34 »

IFPA kommer att vara lite hårdare med hur man lägger upp tävlingar i kalendern.
Oavsett om tävlingen spelas i en privat eller offentlig lokal ska man ange en gatuadress.
Har man en tävling i en privat lokal, utan att annonsera ut adressen, och har färre än 16 deltagare så ger tävlingen inte längre Whoppers.

Ordagrant skrev Josh så här:
"Per our rules for events listed as "Private":

"There are no limitations to how many events any particular location or organizer can hold. For any tournaments submitted to the IFPA calendar as ‘private’ (address not listed publicly on our site), the IFPA requires a minimum of 16 players to attend for that tournament to be endorsed for WPPR points.

 The IFPA now requires a full address in the calendar submission, and it is understandable for tournament directors to want to host IFPA endorsed tournaments out of their homes and not have their full address made public. Any private tournament that fails to reach 16 players will not be endorsed for WPPR points. An organizer is limited to hosting 4 ‘private’ tournaments per year for a given location."

De svenska tävlingar som inte hade angivit adress under året var de nedan
Jag bad dock att de inte skulle stryka whopperpoängen för dem utan att det var legitima tävlingar.
Men tänk på att alltid ange en adress om ni vill vara säkra på whoppers.

13381    Halmstads månadstävling
12743    Halmstads månadstävling Februari
12201    Halmstads månadstävling Januari
15724    Halmstads månadstävling November
15300    Halmstads månadstävling Oktober
14902    Halmstads månadstävling September
15015    Kristianstad Månadstävling
15014    Kristianstad Månadstävling
14650    Kristianstads månadstävling.
11465    Månadstävling Öland
11472    Månadstävling Öland
11473    Månadstävling Öland
11469    Månadstävling Öland
11466    Månadstävling Öland
11464    Månadstävling Öland
11462    Månadstävling Öland
11471    Månadstävling Öland
11467    Månadstävling Öland
11463    Månadstävling Öland
11468    Månadstävling Öland
11470    Månadstävling Öland
11875    Smålands Månadstävling
11868    Smålands Månadstävling
11871    Smålands Månadstävling
14021    Onsdagscupen innan supen

Tävlingar / Nya WPPR-regler 2017 (version 5.3)
« skrivet: januari 04, 2017, 09:34:54 »
På IFPA-sidan kan man läsa om ändringarna i WPPR-systemet som gäller från och med i år.
Det gäller bl a nya regler beträffande pingolf mm.
Se mer här:

och här:

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